Agrieye works by aggregating data from multiple sources. We upload satellite images and data from Copernicus, Landsat and SMAP. To get vital insights out of it we use Specified Parametric analyses and Tensors (a special neural network type). There are two kinds of data - imaginary and geotagged data, both of those in combination can unveil insights vital for future farmers to fulfill growing food demand. As growing crops is a process in time, usual snapshots or single moment satellite images are short of data and that's why we appeal to historical data of the field, to go deep into the process of vegetation growth through seasons and years.

With this data we are able to define what is going on with soil and crops and even more - satellite historical data allows us to predict and model climate impact on a particular plot of land, predict productivity for variety of crops and circumstances. Satellite imagery is different from what we see with our eyes, for real it is even different from what we used to think. Satellite images are far beyond visible and infrared - there are Radars SARs and Radiometer, Thermal visions of different bands which allow to unveil not only crops stress but soil state, soil moisture, identify crops, and calculate exact nutrition, watering or protection needed.

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