Imagine a world with no hunger, where everyone has access to clean water, and where malnutrition and food shortage, as well as soil exhaustion and erosion, are just points from the distant past.

The reduction of arable land per capita and the decrease of agricultural productivity are standing in the way of our bright future.

Here in AgriEye, we share Albert Einstein's vision: the best way to find a solution is to study the situation properly.

That's why we decided to create the best AI for analyzing remote sensing data that can provide deep hidden insights into soil vegetation and water.

3,4 mln tons of food consumed daily!


Soil exhaustion and erosion wipe out 500 000 hectares each year.


Climate changes brought a 20% yield drop.


Of arable lands are affected by droughts or floods, and the number is growing.


Global warming reduced the amount of freshwater available to 20% below the safe minimum.

These factors most heavily impact the food and water security of 2 billion people in developing countries especially in the areas close to the equator.

It is predicted by the UN that Asia and Southern Africa will be the most vulnerable regions to climate change-related food shortages by 2030.

With growing amount of food consumption quantity of arable land per capita is decreasing

Our impact on agriculture

Stop soil exhausting

Slow down or stop soil exhausting by providing access to precise digital agriculture tools for all farmers in the world.

Solve water access problems

Help to solve water access problems by providing insights on soil water and understand where it is needed most.

Increase farmers productivity

Increase farmers productivity with digital agriculture to help them provide more food with less costs.

Increase food security

Increase food security and minimize risks by providing vital insights on weather and climate change.

Reduce global warming impact

Reduce dramatic global warming impact by predicting changes in weather and water cycle.

Our goals by 2023

2.2 mln

family farmers

500k ha

of reclaimed land

10 bln


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